I'm still obsessed by Sara's closet.  I wish I could say that mine was similar but it isn't.  My closet is still filled with a lot of what ifs and maybes.  What if I need this someday?  Maybe if I lose weight, it'll fit?  And that is why Sara's closet appeals to me.  It's pared down to the essential, frugal, elegant, orderly.

So here I am today in the opposite, black.  I wear black to work and some of you have asked to see exactly what I wear.  I alternate days in flats with days in heels for the health of my arches.

Pant - These Who What Wear Cropped Flares
I still love these pants and am thrilled that they are keeping them in stock throughout their seasonal changes.  They are so perfect for work and weekend things.  $29
I'm intrigued by these from American Giant tho.

Tee - Here is a whole page of great Tee's or for cheaper versions try, Thisthis or this.

Boots - These boots from Everlane are so incredibly comfortable. I can wear them all day at work and my feet stay happy. 

My handbag is a old Gucci I found at a thrift store on my way to Palm Springs.  The proprietor looked just like Ralph Lauren, remember that?

4 Ingredient Pasta

pasta - anything you have will do
olive oil - just a drizzle
1-2 pints fresh tomatoes
1 garlic clove - crushed

Seriously how easy can this get?  Throw 1 or 2 pints of cherry tomatoes on a baking sheet with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper.  Roast for about 20 minutes at 375 degrees or until soft and slightly blackened.

Meanwhile the pasta is cooking til al dente.  Toss the pasta with the roasted tomatoes and a fresh crushed clove of garlic.  Sit and enjoy. x

Chic but not Vain

I'm so late on this one but nevertheless, so glad I found it. Would you/could you wear all white all the time?  This is a fabulous little film and links about a woman who turned 60 and reinvented herself.  I'm inspired by her transformation,singlemindedness and commitment to her style.  There are lessons for all of us in this.

The restraint she had is truly a thing of beauty, and I'm fascinated by every detail and want to know more. Let's discuss in the comments!

October Garden

We've been working quite a bit on all areas of the garden.  So far we've (he) trimmed a lot of the trees and bushes back.  Tons of weeding has taken place and lots and lots of pruning.  So much more still needs to be done but I will wait til January because I love using the branches and any available flowers throughout the holiday season.  So other than watering and a bit of feeding I think mission accomplished.  I say that knowing that when I next step foot out there a job will present itself.  So basically it's never done. 😂

Caring for my Accessories

Whether my accessories are brand new or very old, I treat them all the same...with loving care.  I really do.  If something is good enough to make it into my small house then you better believe I love it and treat it with respect.  Every season I take stock of what I wore and what I didn't.  And just because I didn't wear something this season doesn't mean I don't love it, it may be that I just wasn't feeling it this year.  I've had a lot of my clothes for decades now and they come in and out of my radar in different ways.

I always wipe down all my bags I've worn and will even go so far as to vacuum the insides to get rid of any dust that may have accumulated.  I stuff them with tissue paper and put them in a dust bag and store them in my armoire.  Shoes get a similar treatment. They all get cleaned with warm sudsy water and even the soles are wiped down.  Sandals get wrapped in tissue paper and stored in a special box in my closet until next year.  This year I rarely wore any t-strap flat sandals.  I mostly wore 2 pair of block heel slides.

This is the first new handbag I've bought in ages.  Something about that Bee and the colors got my attention and I kept coming back to the Frances Valentine website until one day it was 70% off.  I look forward to using it next spring and summer.  Do tell how you care for your accessories bc as usual I learn something new from you. x

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